Live Music Every Friday & Saturday Night starts at 9:30 at our Boren location. At our Seatac location, Friday and Saturday live music starts at 8:30pm and on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday it starts at 7:30! Featuring:
Danny Quintero, Shaggy Sweet, Darrell Data, and Big Al Miller.

Also at our Boren Ave. location:
November 14th: The Thing and the Stuff Jazz Band
November 15th: Groove Messengers
November 21st: Paul Maranda
November 22nd: Nolie Durham
November 28th: Tess and Carson Hendly
November 29th: Shaggy Sweet
December 5th: Chris Stevens and the Surf Monkeys
December 6th: Nolie Durham
December 12th: Paul Maranda
December 13th: Groove Messengers
December 19th: Shaggy Sweet
December 20th: Tim Turner Band
December 26th: Tess and Carson Hendly
December 27th: The Thing and the Stuff Jazz Band
New Year's Eve: Shaggy Sweet 9:30 pm to 1:30 am

Schedule at our SeaTac location:
November 14th: Busby
November 15th: Busby
November 21st: Tim Turner Band
November 22nd: Groove Messengers
November 28th: Paul Maranda
November 29th: Buckshot Jazz
December 5th: Barbie Anaka
December 6th: Paul Maranda
December 12th: Buckshot Jazz
December 13th: Chris Stevens and the Surf Monkeys
December 19th: Busby
December 20th: Busby
December 26th: NJA
December 27th: Nolie Durham
New Year's Eve: Big Al and friends 8:30 pm to 12:30 pm

Every Tuesday: Ben Ekstedt
Every Wednesday: Irae
Every Thursday: Darrell Data