A Message from 13 Coins

Dear friends and guests of 13 Coins Restaurants,

Thank you for your loyal patronage of 13 Coins! We appreciate our community and extended family during this time of heightened awareness around the need for health and safety precautions.

As a restaurant group, whether coronavirus or the seasonal flu, these issues are always at the forefront of our consideration and a constant priority to maintain cleanliness while providing a quality dining experience.

Our staff is trained and committed to constant surface cleaning in all areas. Additionally, the staff practices personal care to ensure that from start to finish the service is of the highest standard. These standards are recognized by our company maintaining an ‘Excellent’ rating from the Health Department.

I would like to invite you to come dine with us at the restaurant or enjoy our pick-up service and delivery options if preferred.

13 Coins looks forward to serving you during this time and in the years to come.


Al Moscatel
Owner, Managing Partner