St. Patrick’s Day at 13 Coins

St. Patrick’s Day 2018 Menu

All three locations

Corned Beef Hash – Starts at 7 am
House-made corned beef hash with shredded potato, onions, and choice of 2 eggs
your style and topped with white cheddar cheese sauce

Corned Beef and Cabbage – Starts at 11 am
Braised corned beef and cabbage served with baby carrots, steamed red
potatoes, and horseradish cream sauce

Chocolate Stout Cake – Starts at 11 am
Fudgy ganache accented with hints of malt and coffee sandwiched between four
flavorful layers of dark chocolate stout sponge cake, all topped with a creamy
chocolate mousse. Served with Baileys Irish Cream

Beverage Specials
Guinness: $6.00
Irish Coffee – $9.00
Baileys & Cream – $8.00