Billy Brandt at SeaTac 4-13-24

Billy Brandt at SeaTac 4-13-24

Billy Brandt
time 8:00 pm

April 13, 2024

Imagine a smooth deep voice and swingin’ rhythms drifting from a vintage stereo in a dimly lit black and white photograph. Billy Brandt’s music radiates masculine charm and chutzpah. A voice like dark roasted coffee with a hint of cream poured inside of a super tasty band of mugs and musicians.

Songs from Sinatra and the American songbook to retro-modern jazz- pop, blues & originals.

File this show under “Hip -Sway Lounge”

Seattle-based songwriter, Billy Brandt, is an alley cat singer and steel-toed storyteller. Standing as the steam rises from the street’s sewer grate, this squinting-eyed, herring bone newsboy cap-wearing lyricist reports on what he sees: a melancholy and malleable city with bents equally toward invention and woebegone worries.