Joe Carolus in Bellevue 1-29-22

Joe Carolus in Bellevue 1-29-22

Joe Carolus
time 8:00 pm

January 29, 2022

Pianist and Vocalist, Joe Carolus, is well known for engaging audiences with his original music as well as compelling cover versions of your favorite rock songs.

Joe’s music has been placed on E! True Hollywood Story, Hallmark Christmas specials, and independent films.

“Every song with Joe is a journey. His piano propels you through an array of emotions and lifts you up over broad landscapes. Keyboard fills explode like firecrackers tossed down an alleyway, and his fingers burst with passion for a life worth living. Even behind his piano, Joe Carolus is a rock ‘n’ roll front-man, with a voice as raw as lightning on a summer night. But listen closely to his real-world soul vocals and you’ll also uncover roots in the work of Rod Stewart and Billy Joel.”

Chris Nelson, freelance music writer (MOJO, Rolling Stone, NY Times)