Club 13 Program Rules and Q&A

Program Rules:

  • Program rules are established by 13 Coins Restaurants and may be changed at any time at 13 Coins’ discretion.
  • By using this card, the holder agrees to all terms under which it has been issued.
  • This card and picture ID must be presented to receive credit for any transaction and to receive any discount, promotion associated with Club 13.
  • This card is non-transferable.
  • This card, any membership associated with this card or Club 13 may only be used by those legally and actively participating in the Club 13 program.
  • This card is property of 13 Coins Restaurants and must be surrendered upon request.

Questions & Answers:

Q. What is Club 13?
A. Club 13 is our new dining rewards program which includes incentives for our guests to spend more and take part in weekly specials and special events.

Q. Why have we created a dining club?
A. For many reasons. You may have noticed that many of our competitors have already begun or are planning their own dining clubs. Dining clubs are designed to build consumer loyalty through rewards and a sense of belonging to something they care about and are proud to be associated with. This type of consumer loyalty means our guests will come more often, spend more money and actively care about our success.

Q. How do our guests become Club 13 members?
A. Anyone who visits a 13 Coins restaurant can simply fill out the registration form. Registration forms filled out at the restaurants will go directly to the front desk and will be sent daily to the home office for processing. Membership cards will be mailed directly to the guest and can be used immediately.

Q. Can I sign up for the club and receive benefits on the same day and if not why not?
A. No. You can only receive club benefits after you have received your membership card and you must present your member card and valid I.D. As a customer loyalty program Club 13 would be ineffective at encouraging repeat visits to our restaurants if everyone who visited us could sign up for the card and then participate in the benefits immediately. We want our guests to return time and time again and not just receive a discount on a single visit which in effect would simply lower our prices for every guest.

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Q. Can I lend my card to other guests to use and increase my rewards?
A. No. Cards are only accepted along with valid I.D. to prevent “membership sharing” and dilute the power of the dining program.

Q. What if I do not have my I.D. when I present my membership card?
A. The member card cannot be used without presenting valid I.D.

Q. What are the benefits of being a Club 13 Member?
A. Members earn points for the dollars they spend in our restaurants not including tax and tip. Points are tallied in increments of $500. Spending $500 earns a $25 gift card at year’s end. $1000 spent equals a $50 gift card and so on. Each $500 threshold must be crossed in order to earn the next step up in rewards. Happy Hour and other promotional discounted items do not apply.

Q. Are there other benefits to Club 13?
A. Yes. Other benefits include:

Sundays: Family Dinner Sundays. Bring 4 or more family members and receive a discount of 10% on your guest check from 4 pm to 9 pm (minimum 4 entrée purchase) Holidays not included. Kids Eat Free, with the exception of Holidays, kids 12 and under eat free from our children’s menu with the purchase of one entrée by an adult per child. Mondays: Spaghetti Dinner

Mondays: Take $5.00 off the price of Spaghetti with your choice of Marinara, Meat Sauce or Meatballs.

Tuesdays: Every Tuesday Members will receive 10% off all food purchases. Beverages not included. Holidays not included. Happy Hour and other promotional discounted items do not apply.

Wednesdays: Wine Wednesdays. All bottled wines are available for 10% off. By Washington State law any bottle of wine we sell must be opened before a guest can take it home. Holidays excluded.

Other Benefits: Free Birthday Dessert. Your choice of Crème Brulee, 13 Coins Cheesecake or 13 Coins Chocolate Mousse. 10% off your bill for parties of 10 or more when booked at least 48 Hours in Advance. E‐Mail Exclusive Special Offers. Receive printable coupons and other special offers for Club 13 Members only via your e‐mail.

Q. Can I preload dollars on my member card and use it as a gift card?
A. Absolutely. This can be done when a member visits our restaurant and would like to add dollars to their card. The card can then be swiped until the balance is returned to zero at which time the guest can add more dollars as they choose.

Q. Can I give someone a Club 13 membership as a gift?
A. Absolutely. You can sign up a friend or family member if you have all the correct information and also pay to preload the member card with dollars to spend at 13 Coins just the same way you would do with a gift card. The only difference is that we will process the membership application and then send the preloaded card to the address of their choosing. Either directly to the gift recipient or the person who bought it.

Q. How long does it take to get my card after I have signed up?
A. Generally 7 to 10 days.

Q. If I have a preloaded balance on my member card can I check the current balance on line?
A. Not currently, however this is a feature we are examining for the future.

Q. Will the club rules and rewards ever change?
A. 13 Coins reserves the right to change the benefits at anytime without notice.

Q. How do I process a transaction with a member card?
A. If the card has a preloaded balance simply present your card to your server when the guest check has been presented. If there is no preloaded balance or the balance does not cover the entire amount of the guests check another form of payment will be required.

Q. How does the Club keep track of my spending?
A. Our Aloha system is set up to track each members spending when the card is swiped at an Aloha terminal. Payment must be verified before the membership card is swiped.

Q. What happens if I lose my member card?
A. A new card can be provided by filling out a lost card request form which will be sent to the home office. The Home Office will then verify the member account. A small fee will be charged for providing a new card.

Q. What if my membership card is somehow damaged and won’t work when I try to use it?
A. 13 Coins assumes no responsibility for the working condition of your card. Specific discounts for members will be honored at the time of purchase but points cannot be applied to a member account when the card is not working. A new card can be issued by following the guidelines for a lost card.

Q. If my card is not working or I do not have it at time of purchase can I have my purchase points added at a later date?
A. We do not have the ability to add points after your visit to 13 Coins which is why you must present a working card at the time of your purchase.

Q. Can I use my preloaded member card to tip my server?
A. No. Points are rewarded for purchases only and do not include tips or tax.

Q. Does my membership card expire?
A. Currently No although 13 Coins reserves the right to make changes to the club at any time or end the program at the end of any calendar year.

Q. What is the cost to become a member of Club 13?
A. There is no cost to become a member of Club 13.

Q. Can I use my Club card for To Go orders?
A. Yes you can. You will receive points for dollars spent on To Go food but program discounts on specific days are meant for “Dine In Only” and regular prices will apply.

Q. How do I redeem my Club 13 membership points?
A. Each members account will be totaled at the end of a calendar year and the amount will be added to your Club 13 membership card.

Q. Can I choose to give my points to another member at any time?
A. Reward points are not transferable to anyone at any time.